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Messenger Service Boston

The efficiency of every business depends in part on the flow of letters, paperwork, and packages. This flow may be between departments in the same company and building or between businesses in different locations. Airport Courier messenger service in Boston can make pickups and deliveries of this material. Most of the letters and packages our messengers transport need immediate attention.

For Messenger Service Boston We May Travel By:

  • foot
  • public transportation
  • bicycle
  • motorcycle

Boston Messenger Service Professionals are Familiar:

  • with the geographic area
  • know the fastest routes
  • maneuver through heavy urban congestion

Our Boston messenger service specializes in transporting items that cannot be sent electronically.

  • transfer medical specimens from hospitals to medical laboratories
  • transport emergency spare parts for aircraft
  • deliver film to movie houses
  • deliver pharmaceuticals to patients
  • deliver dialysis equipment to patients homes
  • deliver organs for transplant

This service traditionally has been replaced by email and fax machines, yet there is still a need for signatures or timestamps on paperwork to meet deadlines, or for legal filings. We provide services to courthouses for lawyers who need to meet deadlines and work till the last minute to perfect those filings.

Contractors, architects, civil engineers, and all manner of professionals submit bids to town halls, departments of public works, water departments, or any public/private collaboration, must submit by specific deadlines hard copies. This is the service provided by Airport Courier today. We are always aware of the importance of these deadlines to our clients and make sure to capture time and proof of delivery information to verify your compliance with the filing requirements.

If you are in need of Boston messenger service, call Airport Courier for specific tailored messenger service. We have clients who we have requested these services consistently and can provide references upon request. If you have inter-office needs that are consistent we can provide facilities management to your company at a fraction of the cost of using your own employees.

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