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Routed Delivery Boston

With routed delivery services and scheduled delivery services, Airport Courier will give you the confidence that your deliveries arrive at their destination quickly and efficiently. To properly route deliveries requires a commitment to:

  • reduce expenses
  • meet delivery times
  • Account for traffic patterns
  • Get to know your customers availability
  • Provide an appropriate vehicle to each route

Inattention to any of these factors will cause missed deadlines and inflated cost. Once you provide Airport Courier with the addresses and delivery times of your stops we will use our routing specialist to optimize them and build routes that are cost effective and deliver on-time.

All routes built by Airport Courier are based on:

  • actual drive times
  • route density
  • size and weight of shipments
  • delivery requirements (inside delivery, desktop delivery, drop ship)
  • returns
  • break/bulk time consideration

Once complete, Airport Courier can provide you with detailed information about your routes so you will know the order we are delivering in and the estimated time of our arrival at each stop.

Before beginning the route, each route driver is given a manifest with instructions about each stop on the route:

  • including detailed directions
  • contact information
  • nature of business
  • expected delivery times
  • any relevant information you deem necessary

While the route is in progress you will be able to track each delivery online in real time. Every stop on a route will be signed with the name of the person who received the delivery and the time the delivery was made to that stop, before the route is completed.

The advantage of routed delivery is we will use a uniformed driver who will build a relationship with your customers. We take that responsibility seriously and all our drivers undergo background checks and security threat assessments.

Our 8,000 square foot warehouse located in Revere, can receive from a cargo van to a 53 foot trailer for break/bulk operations to support routed deliveries. We have the ability to print LPN bar codes and assign them to your deliveries if that is the level of detail you need. Please call Airport Courier Service for routed delivery in Boston – the economical solution to your distribution needs.

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